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Grow Your Practice!

March 1, 2019


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Hello everyone!  For those of you who are healthcare providers or healers, one of the many ways to grow your practice is to get onto as many lists as possible.  As you open yourself up to opportunities, you will notice that many directories  you are coming across are actually free!  Of course sign up for all of those that fit your business.  As I recommend in my practice-building book, sign up for a few paid listings as well.  You can usually negotiate some kind of deal if there is not already a promotion going on at the time of signing up.  One example is the following opportunity for holistic healers and natural health providers:

Holistic Therapies Directory is currently offering a lifetime listing membership for 375 (regular price is 1250).  They are SEO specialists and one-on-one assistance is provided ~ many benefits to joining.    For this discount, use COUPON CODE: counsellife

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about growing your business!  Again, I have a practice-building book available (Amazon) as well as offering practice consultation services.

Thank you, and as always ~ Love yourself, it’s good for your health!

Until next time,

Gina L Spielman, LCSW, CH

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