Journaling from the Heart for Holistic Healing

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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to write about how journaling from the heart can assist in healing the mind, body, and spirit.  It is one of the best activities that can be done on your own in order to identify, process, and release what many call “repressed” feelings.  Repressed feelings can of course result in emotional concerns, like depression and anxiety, as many of you know.  But they can also cause a lack of clear connection to Spirit.  In addition, interestingly, stuck emotions can contribute to physical symptoms and issues.

So, go ahead and gather up some of your favorite items for this activity.  You can begin with a beautiful journal and a preferred writing utensil.  Perhaps you can include a rose quartz crystal (cultivates self-love), some chamomile tea (or other relaxing herbal or natural tea), and some “aromatherapy” such as natural essential oils or herbals that resonate with you.  Adding some healing or spiritual music can be another consideration if it helps you relax and get into the journaling “mode”.

One perk with this activity is that there is absolutely no judgment from anyone else.  No one will be able to read your journal or see what is going on, because you will be in a private place.  This helps the free flowing of feelings onto paper as well as any emotions that need to be expressed in a healthy manner.

For this activity, find that private spot away from others, and switch off any devices so that you will not be disturbed.  Relax and get into a comfortable position, again with all of your favorite things.  Do some deep breathing.  Then begin your journaling asking the question “If my heart could speak what would it say?” writing anything and everything that comes to mind.  Let all feelings free flow onto the paper and be sure to allow emotions that arise to be fully expressed.  Keep writing, focusing on your heart area.  Do some deep breathing really filling up that chest area, slowly breathing in and out.  Completely relax, releasing everything.

You will know when you are done with this activity when you feel like everything has been released for now.  You may have some more tomorrow and the next day (and I do suggest doing this on a daily basis or at least several times per week), but you will probably know when it is time to cease journaling for the day.  You will likely feel at peace and calm at the end of the activity.  Clarity and insight may also come to you, along with a reduction in physical symptoms which can be a nice addition.  Positive feelings may also arise during this process as the “negative” clears from your heart and mind making room for feeling and recognizing the positive.  It also has the potential to help you see clearly the things that matter most in your life.  If you feel the need for a therapist to help with this process of course feel free to connect with one that resonates with you.  This activity can be a great addition to your therapy.  After journaling, I want you to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and do something nice for yourself as a reward for doing this work.

Feel free to let me know any comments as well as how this activity may have helped you.  Questions are also welcome.  Feel free to send me a confidential email at  I absolutely love receiving messages!

Love yourself, it’s good for your health!  Until next time!

-Gina Spielman LCSW, C.H.



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