Using Affirmations to Change Your Life

Affirmations can be quite effective when implemented into a daily routine.  Positive statements can be read, spoken aloud, written, and thought about several times throughout each day.  Repetition is the key to instill them deep into your mind.  Though the process may seem simple and silly if you are new to it, affirmations have the power to dramatically improve lives by freeing people from their own negativity and self-doubt.  Eventually, positive thoughts transform your cognitive patterns and negative thoughts then become less prominent.  The more you can recognize and release thoughts that do not serve you well, and consciously choose thoughts that do serve you well, the more likely your life will improve.  Some examples of affirmations to use are:

I attract and deserve healthy loving relationships

Physical exercise floods my body with natural healing energy

I take exceptional care of my mind, body, and spirit every day




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