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Using Affirmations to Change Your Life

October 24, 2017

Affirmations can be quite effective when implemented into a daily routine.  Positive statements can be read, spoken aloud, written, and thought about several times throughout each day.  Repetition is the key to instill them deep into your mind.  Though the process may seem simple and silly if you are new to it, affirmations have the power to dramatically improve lives by freeing people from their own negativity and self-doubt.  Eventually, positive thoughts transform your cognitive patterns and negative thoughts then become less prominent.  The more you can recognize and release thoughts that do not serve you well, and consciously choose thoughts that do serve you well, the more likely your life will improve.  Some examples of affirmations to use are:

I attract and deserve healthy loving relationships

Physical exercise floods my body with natural healing energy

I take exceptional care of my mind, body, and spirit every day




New Holistic Healing Book to be Published Soon!

October 12, 2017

Gina Spielman LCSW, C.H. is almost finished with her next book entitled: “The Blueprint for Vibrant Health: A Guide to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit”.

This exciting and highly informative book contains everything you need to know in order to naturally restore spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.  This is one of those books that all of us can benefit from reading, especially those who have been recently diagnosed with a chronic condition.  It shows countless ways to awaken your own innate healing power, which exists inside yourself, in order to overcome illness and unleash vibrant health.  What most of the mainstream medical doctors are not telling you is that the human body actually has a tremendous ability to heal itself, especially when physical, mental, and spiritual health all come together.  This book will address how psychological, physical/biological, and spiritual interventions can all unite for true healing and overall long-term health.

Gina is a professional psychotherapist and hypnotist with a Masters Degree and more than twenty five years of experience working in the healthcare field.  Continually attending specific types of clinical professional trainings also provides significant amounts of valuable information on holistic approaches and their effectiveness.  On top of that, she is certified in Natural Holistic Remedies.  In addition, she has first-hand knowledge of her own healing ability due to a personal journey with health conditions.  Experience with her own healthcare, and all of the service providers and healers she has learned from over the years, has helped solidify her knowledge.  All of that wisdom, along with the extensive research, has merged to create this life-changing book.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Book to be published soon!

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